Gaming Logos

Whether you host a multiplayer platform or are involved in developing combat flight simulators, outwit the competition with a gaming logo that's a surefire winner. Slick graphics and strong visuals are the domain of online games, so logos filled with dark colors and game references work best. Images can be built around names where relevant, alternately consoles and other visual gaming references can establish the identity of your logo. In some cases where a game has a recognizable character, text can be dispensed with altogether. Survey the gallery of gaming logos below for inspiration.

Gaming logo design inspiration

Gaming is not for the feint hearted

As gaming involves a spirit of adventure, feint text will be lost among the loud colors and detailed images used in gaming logos. Bold fonts promise the thrill of competition in the arena or on the battlefield, while bright colors against a dark background demonstrate the experience of a gaming platform using state of the art graphics. Fonts that mimic those used in comic books and those that have a digital appearance are a popular option for use in gaming logos.

Make your logo a trailer...

If you are promoting a specific game, your logo should act as a trailer and include images of characters or themes. Emblem style logos are popular for military games while those that are science fiction based often mimic the style used in film posters. If you are promoting a site offering a variety of games, images related to consoles should be the focus. Our designers can help you come up with a gaming logo to put players on the edge of their seats.

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