Elementary school Logos

Our designers know their ABC's when it comes to producing elementary school logos that appeal to their target audience. Emphasizing the social element of attending school as well as the learning aspects, shields with mascots are a popular choice as they promote a collaborative atmosphere among students and also with their teachers. When populated with friendly cartoon animals, they can help children identify their school as a positive learning environment. Take a look at the artwork on display below to find inspiration for an elementary school logo that will help draw in your students.

Elementary school logo design inspiration

Bright colors keep it fun

Elementary school is as much about playing and socializing with peers as it is about learning reading, writing, and arithmetic. Show how fun your school environment is by incorporating bright colors and playful images into your logo. Mascots can give a logo a strong identity and when used in cartoon form give students a friendly face to welcome them on their educational journey. Ducks, bears and other cute, cuddly animals make ideal mascots for use in an elementary school logo.

Learning to write is elementary

Mastering the basics is at the heart of any elementary school syllabus. Learning to read and write is a process that can be represented through images of pencils and books, along with the use of handwritten fonts. The result will be a logo that speaks directly to your students, as well as their parents, about what they can expect to achieve through enrolment in your school. Ask our designers to educate you on the best use of fonts and images for your elementary school logo.

By Ciara

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