Dance school Logos

Whether you teach ballroom, latin, or hip-hop, show off your moves with a toe-tapping dance logo. Our designers can produce a logo for your dance school or classes that will have students leaping through your doors. For some, dance is an enjoyable way to exercise and keep fit, for others it is an art form. Silhouettes of dancers in motion can be used to make your logo flow and show prospective students the style of dance you teach. Reach the right audience with a dazzling dance logo designed to make you want to move.

Dance school logo design inspiration

Gold adds glitz and glamor

Dance is about showmanship as much as it is about movement, so adding some metallic shimmer to your dance school logo will turn it into a showstopper. Accents of pink work well with gold, so placing them on a black background puts your image firmly in the dance spotlight. Stars can also add glitz and, when dotted around, give the appearance of sequinned costumes that are a feature of ballroom and other dance styles. Make your dance school logo sparkle with some shimmering graphics.

Use bodies in motion

Creating a still moving image can be a challenge but using silhouettes of bodies in various poses can give your dance school logo the motion it needs. Flowing dresses illustrate the movement created by a couple engaged in ballroom dancing, while dancers leaping through the air with outstretched arms indicate various contemporary dance styles. Clothing and shoes can also be used to convey specific styles such as ballet, tap or hip-hop. Our designers can create a logo for your dance school that inspires movement.

By Ciara

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