Crown Logos

You don't need to be royalty for your logo to wear a crown. As a symbol of ruling and authority, a crown logo lets your customers know you're the best at what you do. Incorporate it into your graphics or use it as part of an emblem design to show your company's pedigree. In gold or silver, placed on top of text or an image, a crown logo highlights the quality of your goods or services. Make a royal appointment to view the gallery of crown logos below to see if one fits.

Crown logo design inspiration

When crowning your logo go for gold

Unless you're the Queen of the flower fairies, crowns are usually associated with precious metals and jewels. Using silver and gold gives your crown a sense of authority and make for an eye-catching design. Even if you don't want to use metallics in your crown logo, yellow can substitute for gold with red, white or blue accents hinting at ruby, diamond, and sapphire embellishments. Ask our designers how to use color in your crown themed logo to ensure it gets the royal seal of approval.

A dark background makes a stately statement

Metallics work best when set into a dark background, and black, dark blue or a royal burgundy allow your crown logo to shine. When reversing images out of a dark background, the simpler they are, the better; particularly when using the crown's first cousin, the coronet. While crowns have an arched dome that covers the head, coronets have prongs rendered in two dimensions as having three or five points with an ornament on top. Ask our designers to help you crown your logo.

By Ciara

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