Cinema Logos

Show off your cinema or movie theater, with a logo designed to light up the silver screen. Whether you run a cinema club or have an auditorium made for screening classics, your logo should show off the magic of a trip to the picture house. Use graphics of film reels and stock to turn your logo into a dazzling masterpiece, or stars and lights to conjure up images of Hollywood in a bygone age. You're invited to a special screening below for ideas on how your cinema logo can make the A-list.

Cinema logo design inspiration

Reel in those patrons

While the world of film exhibition has largely gone digital, old-fashioned reels featuring 35mm film still herald a trip to the cinema for many. With their distinctive round shape and vents, celluloid reels make a striking and identifiable image to use in a movie theater logo. Used as the basis for an emblem logo or incorporated into a design in typography to substitute for the letter O, they spell out the origins of the film industry and create a moving image.

Stars make movies shine

The old Hollywood studio system developed the concept of film stars in the earliest days of cinema when audiences were intrigued by those they saw on screen. As a result, stars have a long history as symbols within the film industry, with several of the largest movie studios having logos that feature them. Light up your cinema logo with a gold star for design by incorporating some stellar images into it, and you could be inducted into the logo hall of fame.

By Ciara

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