Church Logos

The cross is one of the oldest logos in existence. It acts as a universal symbol of Christianity for all denominations. Along with images of church buildings themselves, it is one of the most enduring for incorporation into a church or faith-based logo. Tropes featuring doves and stained glass windows are also popular and instantly recognizable. Our designers have developed hundreds of religious-themed logos and know how to create just the right tone. View our heavenly designs below to get some inspiration for a logo designed to increase your flock.

Church logo design inspiration

Use figures to create a sense of community

A church is all about the people it serves. Not only do they promote attendance by families, but also the idea that the entire congregation is one extended family. By putting figures into a logo for a church, particularly children, it emphasizes that sense of fellowship, as well as promoting attendance. Other figures that a prominent are those of the Virgin Mary, particularly in the Catholic faith, or the dove of peace for Ministries. Trees are also popular as they signify being rooted in the community.

Illuminate your church logo with color

Regardless of the denomination, one consistent image related to churches is the use of stained glass. Incorporating a range of muted colors into a logo for a church or faith-based community group can make it more appealing and visually prompt this aspect of church attendance. Rising suns and other forms of light are also reminiscent of the illuminating nature of faith. Talk to our designers about what appeals to your congregation to ensure you find a logo that will help them see the light.

By Ciara

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