Christmas Logos

Spread some seasonal joy with a logo that puts the Christmas spirit on display. Whether you have a foundation that helps those less fortunate during the festive season or you just want to spread some cheer, our designers can produce a logo that looks like it came straight from Santa's workshop. Trees, snow, and reindeer all feature heavily in images of Christmas while crosses, stars, and doves are important symbols of this holy festival. Unwrap the Christmas logos below to see if you can find one that's your ideal present.

Christmas logo design inspiration

Create a winter wonderland

Images of falling snow, sleighs, and pine trees dominate Christmas themes and can be used to effect to in your logo. Snowglobes make an ideal container for a winter wonderland image and can be populated with figures such as Santa, Rudolph or a friendly, smiling snowman to create a festive feel. If opting for a decorative theme, use simple tree graphics covered in baubles and topped with the Star of Bethlehem. Give yourself the gift of a memorable Christmas themed logo this year.

Keep colors seasonal

Red, white and green are the colors most closely associated with Christmas and are frequently found in decorations. Even in a wordmark logo, these three colors together make it instantly recognizable as being Christmas-themed. White and red both have religious and seasonal connotations, while green is most closely associated with evergreen trees and winter foliage. In some cases, blue and yellow or gold can be used in a Christmas logo, particularly when incorporating religious images relating to the birth of Jesus.

By Ciara

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