Childcare Logos

Make the right statement about your business with a childcare logo designed to reassure parents and appeal to kids. Childcare businesses are all about nurturing and play. Whether you mind teeny tots or teenagers, you need to promote the fun factor of your service while impressing that your charges are well taken care of. Colorful images of children playing outdoors are a great way to convey both of these elements. Ask our experienced designers to incorporate the fun factor when creating a logo for your childcare business, and watch it develop into something great.

Childcare logo design inspiration

Make it childish with bright colors

Children are naturally drawn to bright colors; this is why they are often found in toys, games and children's clothing. Consequently, when we see simple, bright colors in an image, we assume it is child-related. Sometimes going against expectation in logo design works but childcare isn't one of these. A black & white logo featuring a subtle design might be nice to look at, but it won't impress the ideas of fun and childhood and may even have a negative effect. So keep it colorful!

Ensure you put children first

Parents want to know you are putting their children first when entrusting you to mind them. Featuring children in your logo helps reinforce the message your service is child focused. Detailed drawings aren't necessary; simple images can convey a range of moods and impressions by the location they are set in, or the body poses held. Silhouettes of children playing on swings or dancing are commonly used, along with simple icons representing individuals or groups. By creating an impression of activity, your childcare logo tells the right story.

By Ciara

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