Candy Logos

Whether you sell handmade luxury chocolates or the sweetest sugar-coated confections in town, our designers have just the right colors to make your logo pop. Candy is associated with pleasure so logos should be enticing and offer a taste of what's in store. Bright pinks, yellows, and blues swirled into candy stripes let your customers know they are in for a treat, while mouthwatering chocolate drops are designed to make taste buds tingle. View the delicious examples below to find a style for your candy logo that hits the sweet spot!

Candy logo design inspiration

Make it mouthwatering

It's no good if you have the tastiest candy around if your logo doesn't convey that. Designs that are pleasing to the eye translate to a positive experience, therefore a beautiful design will attract and excite. Airbrushing can be used to give flat colors a glossy sheen often found on candy and other sweet treats. If you want to convey a luxurious brand of chocolates then focusing on the packaging can help prompt memories of boxes of chocolates tied up with ribbon and bows.

Coat it with color

Pink and red are the most popular colors of candy as they mimic the natural sweetness found in the berries often used to flavor them. Strawberry, raspberry, and cherry are the most popular choices with citrus flavors of orange, lemon, and lime also used. However, as citrus has a sharper taste it is less reminiscent of the sweetness associated with candy, and so these colors should be used sparingly. Our designers can help you pick a color combination for your candy logo that makes a sweet impression.

By Ciara

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