Campsite Logos

If you're looking for a logo for a campsite or RV park you've arrived at your destination. Our designers have produced hundreds of logos for campsites and adventure activity sites. Whether you run a camp for those who like to trek in the wilderness or a beachside site designed to bring in surfers, they can produce a logo designed to sell the great outdoors. Landscapes are a good choice for campsite logo graphics as they can promote geographical features in the surrounding area and make for colorful and appealing designs, like the ones shown below.

Campsite logo design inspiration

A picture paints a thousand words

When it comes to a creating a logo for your campsite, use colorful graphics to help create the scenery. Browns, greens, and blues can be used in mountains, forests, and lakes to replicate the rich color palette found in landscapes. Using a circular container for these images gives the effect of looking out from a window and helps keep the image compact with text either overlaid onto the image or inserted just below. Alternately, graphics can be inserted above the text to create a backdrop.

Give your fonts some personality

In order to integrate the fonts into the overall design, select a style that matches the image used. Campsites and the outdoors are traditional activities so using modern, colorful fonts may not have the right appeal for your target audience. If your graphics feature a sparse line drawing, then simple text that appears hand-drawn makes the ideal companion. If your camp has a specific theme, such as a western or surfing, then fonts commonly associated with these styles will fit better into the overall design.

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