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If you need a logo for a CPA or accounting firm we can create one designed to balance the books. Accounting is a serious business so your logo should send the message of assured yet approachable. Graphics are best kept to a minimum and incorporated into a wordmark design using abstract geometric shapes. Colored fonts and accents will help create a sense of approachability and distinguish your logo from darker colors used in the investment and legal worlds. Use the gallery below for guidance on getting the best return on your CPA logo.

CPA logo design inspiration

If using blue keep to the lighter shades

Blue is used in logos for the legal and financial worlds as it conveys authority and is associated with law enforcement. However, as a CPA your logo should make you look friendly and approachable. Using lighter shades allows your logo to stay in the financial realm without being confused with law firms or brokerages, but baby blue should be avoided. Adding in mid-tone shades of taupe or grey as accents can lighten your CPA logo while keeping it professional looking.

Monograms make it masterful

As a Certified Public Accountant, you are a master of your profession; using a monogram in your logo helps promote an image of professionalism and mastery. Dating back to Ancient Greece, monograms are the intertwining of letters to create a symbol. Originally used as the signature for master craftsmen, they are synonymous with authenticity and are often representative of the establishment professional spheres. Ask our designers how you can use a monogram in your CPA logo to send the right message.

By Ciara

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