How it works

How it works

48hourslogo is a place where small business owners can have their company logos created in just 48 hours. It takes only 3 simple steps:

Fill out a logo questionnaire and set a prize amount for your logo project

The minimum prize for your logo is only $99; you can even start your project with initial payment of just $29, and pay the remaining balance after you have seen the logo concepts created by our designers.

Designers submit their logo ideas while you provide feedbacks

Once your project is live, designers will submit their logo design concepts. You can rank each concept and provide feedbacks for improvements.

Select a winner and download your logo files

After your project ends, you have up to 7 days to select a winning logo design. The designer will be notified, and you will receive the final design in a logo package.

Still have questions? Take a look our logo design FAQs, where our process is explained in greater details.