Up Pediatric Dentistry

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2 years ago
Kids Dentist
  • Design Brief2 years ago
    Logo Name
    Up Pediatric Dentistry
    Company Intro
    Kids Dentist
    - beautiful graphic - A hot air balloon, a paper airplane, or something flying in sky - Bright, kid friendly colors, yet simple and clean to the eye

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  • Design Concepts Completed2 years ago
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    spikesolo2 years ago
    Dear CH, forgive me if this is out of line but is there a way we could get feedbacks and rankings? helps designers know how to move forawrd
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    Client724232 years ago
    Hi, Spikesolo, this is my first time using this. I have been using the link directly from my email and when I sign in it says " design hidden during logo concept stage" so I cannot see any of the designs. I finally signed into my account using my computer and finally able to see them now, thank you!! I have been waiting on these!
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    Client724232 years ago
    Also color scheme as in #47
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    Client724232 years ago
    All these logos are so wonderful, and it is really hard to pick! Thank you everyone!
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  • JessicaLopes is selected as the contest finalist!2 years ago
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    Client724232 years ago
    I think all the final designs are perfect now, and I don't need any more edits. I just need to pick one, but it is just so hard because they are so good!
  • Design #84 by jaize is declared WINNER!2 years ago
  • Client Review for jaize2 years ago
    5 Stars
    Designer is easy to work with, very fast communication, awesome, unique designs!