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Daycare Preschool with academic emphesis
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    Benim Academy
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    Daycare Preschool with academic emphesis
    Hi, I have a logo that i love and utilizes the image of 3 of my children. However, I am rebranding my school and need to make it more universal. I am also looking for a logo that would be more friendlier to print on merchandize. My colors are navy and gold with more royal brands. I am looking for something crisp and that will stand out. I want to stress a collegial and academic school. I am also including the image of our mascot and the logos that I liked with my sketches of how it would look. If I like the logo, I'd want to upgrade to the branding package.

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    Client718554 years ago
    I opened a contest yesterday. I got few submissions already. If I like one but want some revisions, how does that work? Do I invite them? Or how to I contact the designer?
  • Norsh4 years ago
    you can comments on each of design submission and ask for revisions :) please wait for my submission, I work on this :) Thanks! Norsh
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