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10 Year Anniversary
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    Successful Marketing Group
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    10 Year Anniversary
    I'm looking for some creativity of incorporating the 10 yrs more into the 2 logos I am using right now, the circle icon and the horizontal with the tag line... these could also be stacked in square layout... looking for creativity - Thank You! Incorporate 10 year anniversary into my current logos attached --- psd file will give you logo fonts and colors, etc -- the 2 attachments are variations of what I am using right now.
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    #88 by ruki
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    Client575294 years ago
    I purchased a participation tip and was not allowed to choose who I would like to receive this tip... what can be done on this? Thank you!
  • akilis134 years ago
    I think you need to choose a design submission and then award the participation tip. Not 100% sure though
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    Client575294 years ago
    message to give a participation tip
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    Client575294 years ago
    it says I choose after I purchase a participation tip
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    It seems that you already bought the participation tips. Try to click on a specific design to see if you can award there the particiapation tip. If that doesnt work i guess you can contact the admin. Hope that helps.
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    Client575294 years ago

    $10 participation tip awarded to #88 by ruki

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    Oh gosh, thanks @akillis13 -- I thought this was a thread with the admin, thank you so much for your help and your awesome designs, it was a hard choice to make for sure!
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    $10 participation tip awarded to #94 by akilis13

  • akilis134 years ago
    No worries, thanks again for all and for the tip. Im glad that i somehow helped you. Regards, Akilis