We Train Dogs

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Dog Training
  • Design Brief4 years ago
    Logo Name
    We Train Dogs
    Company Intro
    Dog Training
    would like Joplin, MO in design

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    Client700944 years ago
    Just to clarify, after the Initial 48 hours is over I choose the logos I like best (select finalists) And move in to the Design revision portion? Is there a time limit on my end? The reason I ask my partner is out of town today and will be unable to participate.
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    Client700944 years ago
    This is not going to be easy! These designers are awesome!
  • DesignPal4 years ago
    Revision time will be 6 days.
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    Open design concept stage had ended with 67 submissions from 15 designers. Go to DESIGNS tab to view all submissions.

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