CrossFit Checkered Flag

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CrossFit gym
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    Logo Name
    CrossFit Checkered Flag
    Company Intro
    CrossFit gym
    CrossFit Checkered Flag is playing off the Daytona Speedway I'm located close to. I'm going totally black and white. I have a couple of ideas, if you come up with something, go for it too. I do want to use the traditional IMPACT font for the word CrossFit. idea1. Just make the word CrossFit all checkered board with a white or black boarder. idea2. Have a checkered flag coming up from the left side (outside the C and go across the top. Possible even dotting the "i" and crossing the "t" in CrossFit. idea3. Have the checkerboard/flag in the "O" of the word crossFit idea4. Be creative, go for it, I'd love to see it:-) It would be neat if I didn't even have to always put the words Checkered Flag on shirts and stuff because the logo kinda says it all???

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    kellybarcol2 years ago
    I like the racing type font for Checkered Flag in #16
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    kellybarcol2 years ago
    The word CrossFit has to be in IMPACT font.
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    5 Stars
    Great job! Thanks for you time and commitment to excellence.