Bullfrogs & Butterflies Home Daycare

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    Bullfrogs & Butterflies Home Daycare
    Company Intro
    Animated and fun. Pond with frog on a log &/or lily pad with a few tadpoles swimming nearby. Another log maybe or a wooden sign with company name on it with the caterpillar crawling on top. Butterflies nearby with a girl reaching for one and a boy maybe with a frog in a pants pocket. The idea is transformation ie tadpole to frog, caterpillar to butterfly. Childcare provider works with parents to see transformation in the children as they learn and grow.
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    Client664315 years ago
    Animated pond. Add the listed ideas around it
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    Client664315 years ago
    Here is the general idea. I think I like the other pond better that is attached. This is a little busy but you have the idea with this picture. Thank you
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    Client664315 years ago
    Phone # to be included 918-798-8667
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