Lawrence Hopewell Trail Tshirt and poster

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    Lawrence Hopewell Trail Tshirt and poster
    T-shirtThe tee shirt design should include both logos either on the front or the back of the shirt or both. See the uploaded examples of previous years. It should include: • The Year—2019 • The name of the Event—the 6th Annual LHT Full Moon Bike Ride • An image that depicts the spirit of the event as a magical full moon bike ride—the same image as the poster. Be creative!! • Leave room on the back of the tee shirt for the logos of the presenting sponsor and possibly other sponsors. Others(Poster)The poster should include these items, and please see the uploaded example of a previous year's poster:: • LHT logo and the logo of the lead sponsor the Mercer County Park Commission should be equal in size. The are uploaded together, but we can upload separately if needed. • Image that depicts the spirit of the event • Name of the event_. LHT 6th Annual Full Moon Bike Ride • Date September 14, 2019 • Time: 6:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. • Location: Picnic Pavilion Area of Mercer Meadows, Hopewell , NJ • Admission fee $15 before September 7; $18 after September 7 • Key attraction: a six-mile bike ride under a full moon • Variety of music from classical to pop The text of the poster is: o Enjoy a 6-mile magical experience on the Lawrence Hopewell trail through Mercer Meadows Park under a full moon. Delight in the beauty of “Firefly lane, a serenade by classical musicians, and the songs of a country/western and pop singers. o Connect with old and new friends who enjoy the LHT, Mercer Meadows, and outdoor fun. o Bring a picnic dinner and enjoy an evening in the park even if you do not ride. o Pre-registration is strongly recommended. Early bird registration is $15 per ride through September 7. Registration after September 7 and on-site is $20 per rider o Participation is free for those who do not participate in the ride. A donation is requested. o Must be at least 12 to participate in the ride. Anyone under w8 must be supervised by an adult. Helmets are required for everyone. Front lights are strongly recommended. o Awesome tee shirts available for $15 online with registration and $18 at the event. o Register at o Rain Date -September 21  Visit on September 14 or September 21 for weather updates. --- Update: 2019-07-18 02:25:07 ---REQUEST We are requesting two related designs. The first is for a poster announcing the 2019 LHT Full Moon Bike Ride. The second is the design for the tee shirt commemorating the event. BACKGROUND The Lawrence Hopewell Trail The Lawrence Hopewell Trail is a 22 mile, multipurpose recreational trail and transportation corridor that crosses public and private lands in Lawrence and Hopewell Townships. The trail connects communities and connects people to each other while reducing reliance on automobiles and promoting health and fitness, recreation, and enjoyment of the outdoors. The 2019 Full Moon Bike Ride The 6th Annual LHT Full Moon Bike Ride: A Magical Experience will provide people of all ages with an evening of outdoor fun, culminating in the ride through the park for those 12 and older. Participants can bring a picnic dinner or non-alcoholic refreshments. Our guests will be invited to decorate their bikes. Before and after the ride, our guests will enjoy the company of other trail enthusiasts while listening to the music of an accomplished pop vocalist and acoustic guitarist with a wide repertoire. The high point of the evening will be the ride. Once the moon rises, groups of 40 to 50 will take off on a ride that provides magical experiences. Along the route our guests will enjoy the beauty of “Firefly Lane” (twinkling lights in the trees), lanterns lighting sections of the ride route, a serenade by classical musicians Ruotao Mao and Mikyung Lee, and farther along the route the singing of a country western artist Bill Flemer. Other experiences that take full advantage of the awesomeness of Mercer Meadows Park and the LHT are planned for the delight of our guests. No matter how beautiful or enjoyable these experiences on the trail are, the “star of the show” is the moon in all its glory. Before or after the ride enjoy ice cream provided by the Purple Cow and Mister Ed and a special LHT themed treat by The Gingered Peach Bakery. When the sun goes down, there will be a showing of a theme-related movie on a huge, outdoor screen. REI Co-op will set up a fire-pit where our guests will enjoy roasting marshmallows and making smores. Maybe some will join in song around the firepit. --- Update: 2019-07-18 21:10:00 --- We invite you to add children, women and men to the design, as we have entire families on the Full Moon Ride. And we like playful designs! Thanks!
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