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beauty treatments
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    FOXY aesthetics
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    beauty treatments
    Dear designers, I did a little hand drawing to give you an idea of the logo I'm looking for. I would like a delicate small wreath around my logo or circle or watercolour background with the image and text inside. Fonts: Foxy to be a simple font and aesthetics a calligraphic or signature font FOX image was an inspiration from the Purple fox( in this image ears face width and height are all in good proportion, wouldn't mind it if my fox was slightly wider like my drawing) I have created mine with the bottom part being almost the same(slightly wider in mine) as the purple fox and changed slightly the top part to something similar to the flower image( so the outside of the ears are sharp straight lines but inside of the ears are made a bit rounded with a dot in the middle just like the flower image.) Thank you
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    Thank you very much Jaize. I love the logo you have created for my business.