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Flooring Business
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    Logo Name
    Company Intro
    Flooring Business
    The background on the site will be white. The rest is up to you!

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    Client643804 years ago
    Nice work on what I've seen so far everyone! thank you for your submissions :) The ranking system on this site is pretty basic so don't take #1 or #10 as gospel. I like the clear, readable text on many of these with the contrasting colors. I'm torn between the shape of whatever encompassing the text or something off to the left/right of the text at the moment. If you would, try to steer away from placing the whole graphic, whatever it is that you use, above the text as I'm interested in keeping it more uniform in size. Thank you again for the submissions so far, keep up the great work!
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    Client643804 years ago
    Awesome group of submissions since yesterday all! I went ahead and 5 star rated (in no particular order) the ones that I like the best. I do hope it can provide some inspiration. I'm really liking both the asset to the left of the text, the contrasting text as well as the asset encompassing the actual text. Still really torn on those. At any rate, these are all wonderful and keep up the great work, thank you!
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