The Busted Bottle

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2 years ago
Create artwork out of wine and/or liquor bottles.
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  • Design Brief3 years ago
    Logo Name
    The Busted Bottle
    Company Intro
    Create artwork out of wine and/or liquor bottles.
    Would like to see a bottle that is busted in some way. Can be fun and/or classy. Please use gold and black. Competitors logo attached

    Reference Samples

  • Design Concepts Completed3 years ago
  • Client595083 years ago
    No beer bottles
  • Client595083 years ago
    Does not need to be teal! Accepting all ideas!
  • Client595083 years ago
    These are good so far, but how about a bottle as a mascot. broken in half .. maybe with wine spilling out... or A cartoonish busted bottle. Just some suggestions!
  • Client595083 years ago
    We would like to see actual busted bottles.
  • Client595083 years ago
    The one ranked first we like the direction that it is going the best. We would like to see a pop of color. We also do picture an actual busted bottle in the logo.
  • Design #85 by vinve is declared WINNER!3 years ago
  • Client Review for vinve2 years ago
    5 Stars
    You were extremely helpful and patient with us. You made all the changes we asked for beautifully! We appreciate all of your hard work. You did an excellent job. THANK YOU!