Balanced Behaviour

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Dog training, Dog walking, Dog education, etc.
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    Logo Name
    Balanced Behaviour
    Company Intro
    Dog training, Dog walking, Dog education, etc.
    Please see my attached image, I would like a seesaw type image in the logo with a Paw quite large (can be in the seesaw base or elsewhere. Would like something simple but clever using the letters to create a dog or incorporate paw prints etc. Could balance the B with a dog on the other end?? I would like to try and "Balanced Behaviour" one and one with Balanced Behaviour- Canine Solutions written somewhere if possible.

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    Client498735 years ago
    Hi everyone..thanks for all your designs. I will comment individually soon. I would live a few designs today that are your own creations to see if I prefer them to my design. Thx!!
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    Client498735 years ago
    Hi everyone, thanks for all doing such a great job... I will try and explain what I am looking for... I need a little more creativity than what I have supplied... was hoping for a little special design incorporated into it like the swishy line on #31 i love the colours in 26, 24,27etc. Perhaps play with BB over each other with some little line etc or paw print...I'm not creative see the 2 examples I have chosen at the top have a picture logo within the large logo...see what u can come up with. Thx!!
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