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I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor and I counsel children to adults to couples.
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    Countryside Counseling
    Business Card Front of the card:Amy Bowen, M. A., Licensed Professional Counselor Registered Play Therapist Certified TF-CBT Therapist 44038 E 45th Street Shawnee, OK. 74804 405-695-6799 [email protected] Some of this info can go on the back too if it looks too cluttered and you can find a more creative way of displaying the information. If possible, I’d like this to be set up to go to the printers. I’ll be using this place and the 3.5x2 size. I’ll also be ordering silver foil on the front side and spot UV on both sides. Could you please include the setup for me to send to the printer? Back of the card:I need a space for future appointments that includes the date and time and a line to write on. Letterhead & Envelope Logo with name 44038 E 45th Street Shawnee, OK. 74804 405-695-6799 --- Update: 2019-02-13 11:24:44 --- I will need to get an updated phone number tomorrow. I’ll post it here once I confirm it. Thank you. --- Update: 2019-02-14 10:55:36 --- Updated and correct phone: 405-481-6683
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    All the designs look great! It's making it hard to pick just one. Thank you.
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    I enjoyed working with Art_Chaza. I only have positive things to say: very responsive, quick to make changes, great ideas, helpful, and very nice when I had multiple changes. I really appreciate the hard work and top notch customer service. Thank you.