Woof n Wags Doggie Daycare

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5 years ago
Daycare for Dogs
  • Design Brief5 years ago
    Logo Name
    Woof n Wags Doggie Daycare
    Company Intro
    Daycare for Dogs
    Make it bright and catchy, has to have an image of a dog of some sort not just words.
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    Client625455 years ago
    Really like the layout of the first and second one by SillaD just don’t like the picture, maybe it would be better with a dog or two or three sitting up behind the writing?
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    Client625455 years ago
    Last one by HansSolo we really like looks great can we have more samples of that in different colours?
  • SiliaD5 years ago
    Thank you. Will make the changes. Although it would be better if you comment inside the design about changes during blind phase. :)
  • C
    Client625455 years ago
    Sorry I am new to this will do that next time
  • SiliaD5 years ago
    No worries :))
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  • Design Concepts Completed5 years ago

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    #26 by jaize