Kid Care Village

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Child Care Agency
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    Logo Name
    Kid Care Village
    Company Intro
    Child Care Agency
    I really like designs that are in a circle. This child care agency will be marketing to adults/parents and not kids so keep that in mind.

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    Client587183 years ago
    1. AI / modifiable vector file full resolution *** The contest winner must hand over the artwork editable in adobe illustrator in full hd resolution *** *** The editable file should have each part of the logo as separate vector art pieces in layers or otherwise *** 2. simple brand guidelines for COLOURS *** The contest winner must submit the colour codes of ALL the colours used in the logo AND at least 3 other colours that are suitable as the background of the logo for flyer design, name-card design, T-shirt designs etc. *** 3 simple brand guidelines for FONTFACE *** The contest winner MUST submit the Fontface / Typeface used including font file in ttf / otf format, font sizes used and any other details on how the font is used *** 4. simple brand guidelines for exclusion zone *** The contest winner MUST include a guide on how much empty space to leave around the logo AND places in the logo where there must not be any text *** Note: If a participant is declared the winner of the contest but fails to deliver any of the deliverables under section “3. Things to deliver”, the prize award shall be forfeited.
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