The Wicked Squid

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3 years ago
A tattoo parlor!
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    Logo Name
    The Wicked Squid
    Company Intro
    A tattoo parlor!
    I would love for the logo to be in black and white (or black and grey)! I'm envisioning a "vintage style" logo, something that resembles a 'badge' in a sense. I've included pictures for reference! I also would love for there to be a very readable font, something pin-up style, or like the "pawsible" logo I chose as one of my inspiration logos. And most importantly, I'd like to include a squid! I can't wait to see the unique takes on the logo, and I'm open to tons of ideas, not just limited to my own! PS, I put this as an "un-guarenteed" logo, and the only reason is because I'm a college student with a tight budget. Paying 100 dollars before I am able to see the logos scares my wallet :( I've had friends get logos from this site, and it never fails to produce something great! So I know for a fact I'll be buying one. :-) Thank you for looking!

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  • Client Review for ARALE3 years ago
    5 Stars
    PERFECT logo! Included every element I wanted, was easy with making changes, and an overall beautiful logo design. Thank you so much!