Money Monsters Fundraising

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I provide fundraisers and fundraising products to area schools, sports teams, organizations, childcare centers and other businesses.
  • Design Brief13 years ago
    Logo Name
    Money Monsters Fundraising
    Company Intro
    I provide fundraisers and fundraising products to area schools, sports teams, organizations, childcare centers and other businesses.
    FIRST, no matter what, the monster has to be friendly! I work with children and their families, no mean or angry monsters! Fun, Friendly and Cute will only be accepted. I am extremely open to new ideas and design! Please play and have fun! You may lead me down a path I didn't think about and win the contest! Bright, Clean, Sharp, FUN! Don't be affraid to go modern, or sketchy, or hip or more of a typography type look....give me all you can think of! :) I hope you have as good of a time designing as I am looking at them! What a hard decision!
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    tykayjay13 years ago
    I am amazed at this contest! Such talent! I have 4 that I just can't pick between! Keep em coming guys! This is really addictive. I'm checking my phone every 5 mins to see whats new! LOL.
  • firebird13 years ago
    plz see/comment on #24.
  • J
    jack013 years ago
    PLs consider my entries
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    tykayjay13 years ago
    thanks to everyone for all your hard work! I love the logos and it is going to be a very hard choice! I don't see any real need to have any revisions at this point until I make a final choice, because they are all what I have asked for. Thanks again!
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    tykayjay13 years ago
    BTW....there is still 2 days left....any other ideas are still welcome! What about a monster for the letter "O"? Or pushing through the "O"? Anything you can think of is a go! Thx again!
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    tykayjay13 years ago
    @ marta....I don't see any areas where I need revisions at this point. If I notice something that I would like changed I will let you know. thx.
  • firebird13 years ago
    Hi! Ma'm, can u plz leave some feedback on my designs? #24 and #36... ??? so that I can work on them to make them better.
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    desIgNSPIRATION13 years ago
    Please take a look at my work #47 to #52. Thanks! :)
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    tykayjay13 years ago
    Thank you all for your hard work and all did a great job! I had a hard choice, but have narrowed it to 3 logos I like, and have a definate idea of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. I have contacted the designers and I will wait until I recieve the asked for revisions before making my final choice. Again, thank you all very much for your time and effort! It was appreciated!
  • Design Concepts Completed13 years ago

    Open design concept stage had ended with 1 submissions from 1 designers. Go to DESIGNS tab to view all submissions.

  • Design #55 by masjacky is declared WINNER!13 years ago
    #55 by masjacky