The Digital Gorilla

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Digital Marketing meets Guerrilla Marketing
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    Logo Name
    The Digital Gorilla
    Company Intro
    Digital Marketing meets Guerrilla Marketing
    I have attached color pallet. IDEA 1: I have attached an image that is similar to what I want (DIGITAL MIND IMAGE). I am envisioning a side profile of a gorilla head, where the back part of the head tails off to becoming pixelated and or digital.. Like in the attached image but a Gorilla instead of a person's profile. IDEA 2: digital (computer, robot, data, information, electricity) version of a gorilla profile, whole body or just head IDEA 3: Gorilla head with digital mind FONT: I like is Baloo Bhaina but I am not stuck to it. Want the logo to tell me the type of font to use. TONE: curious, thinking, in thought I dont want an angry dark, sad, or scary gorilla Note: I am flexible. If you think a front facing profile picture would look better... lets see what you come up with. Attached is an example of a front facing gorilla logo that you could think about using. The message we need to get across is Digital Gorilla Marketing (The Digital Gorilla). Whatever accomplishes that in a clean clear way, I am open to. Also please understand that I will need to use this logo for social, and a website. So the image needs to be recognizable even when it is a smaller icon type image.
    Digital Mind-1492018446.png

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