Really Cheesy!

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A cheese event series for cheese lovers.
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    Logo Name
    Really Cheesy!
    Company Intro
    A cheese event series for cheese lovers.
    Business brief Everybody loves cheese. Creamy and tasty cheese, moist blue cheese, semi-hard cheese, French cheese, string cheese, semi-soft cheese… ‘Really Cheesy’ will be an evening event gathering cheese lovers to enjoy a lot of range of cheeses/a wide variety of cheeses and explore unknown tastes. This event will be an opportunity to develop all of your basic senses. Everybody is invited to this experience, as groups of friends as families. Children will be happy to create something by their own hands: cheeses, wines, breads but also entertainment will be offered for all the ages. We will have different stands presenting cheeses from different countries: people will be invited to travel all over the world thanks to this event. - A selection of 2-3 colours that work and stand out. - Best on a white background. - CMYK final file as will be using the logo for print, so the colours will need to keep. - The wording must be nice and clear - The theme font must be creamy or yellow, with bright color. - It has to look like a cartoon (not a vintage style). - It should be fun but not too childish. - The two words should be included in the logo and can be on separate lines, not all on the same line.

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    nick6664 years ago
    ok to try with more than 3 colours if you want.

    Remember needs to be really clear to read all parts.
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