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Kosher Wine Events and Music Pairings<br><br>About<br>L' Chaim Tastings is a unique kosher wine experience. <br>​<br>Description<br>Wine Maestro Dovid Babinet combines his French/Italian heritage with passion for wine and music to create an extraordinary event. <br>​<br>Our events range from a simple wine tasting to pairings with cheese or desserts to the<br>Singing Sommelier program- a multisensory wine tasting, combining wine and food with live music performance.<br>​<br>WHO IS IT FOR?<br>L' Chaim Tastings are a great compliment to shul programs, simchas, auctions or fundraising gala dinners, corporate events and private parties.<br>​<br>HOW DOES IT WORK?<br>We handle the details so you can enjoy your program. Our services accommodate all aspects of a wine tasting including meticulously selecting, purchasing, and delivering wine or liquor perfectly suited for your event setting.<br>Click here for more about our tasting packages.<br>​<br>WHAT TYPE OF WINE? <br>We specialize in high end wines including non mevushal wines requiring special hashgacha. <br>Non mevushal wines are of a higher caliber than mevushal as the cooking process of mevushal wines inevitably compromises quality. <br>​<br>Our wine pourers are specially trained in serving non mevushal wines halachically to the highest level of integrity. They are Chassidish, wear full beards and are very knowledgeable in providing detailed descriptions of fine wines to your guests.
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