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ZIGGY-PORK makes high quality, all natural and delicious treats for dog made from pork.<br>
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    ZIGGY-PORK makes high quality, all natural and delicious treats for dog made from pork.<br>
    I have a very specific design style in mind. I am looking for a fun and loveable cartoon pig to represent the pork treat brand.<br>Ideally I would like the entire pig, but also able to crop just the face and or shoulders? This is why I would like to see Your designs to see your playful take on project.<br><br>- The pig should be happy and smiling<br>- I would like the same style of the 1940''s-1950's era disney cartoon, in particular the eyes and posture. See attached image<br>- I want the eyes EXACTLY Like mickey mouse in attached sketches.<br>- I want a clean design, I would like to see the <br>- The pig should be pink<br>- curly tail<br>- brown hooves<br>- possibly a bite or 'chomp' bite out of his ass<br>- he should be wearing a chefs hat

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    ryan124 years ago
    I like this hat!
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    ryan124 years ago
    Dear Krot 278 - Congratulations I would like to award you with the winning design.
    The only small change i have is top make the black circle outline a size between the thickness of #34 and #33. Is this possible? Once complete I will do the official selection and release payout.
    thank You for your creativity.
  • krot2784 years ago
    Please check the change.
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    5 Stars
    Thank You for your prompt help today - very much appreciated....Will be in touch direct via email for future work if you are interested? Ryan