Mommy's Market

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9 months ago
We are a semi annual children's consignment event. Buy & Sell gently used Maternity, Baby, Kids Items
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    Mommy's Market
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    We are a semi annual children's consignment event. Buy & Sell gently used Maternity, Baby, Kids Items
    I am looking for a logo that is cute yet professional. I would like either a piggy bank or a children's handprint as the main part of the logo. I don't want it to look like a cartoon... I like Comic Sans as the font. Please see our website at
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    mommysmarket11 years ago
    Great work here everyone! I appreciate your time. In general I am looking for a pig that doesn't look too carton like. I also like what I have seen with handprints.
  • schiena11 years ago
    pls check #27. Revised..thanks-
  • mashoodpp11 years ago
    Hi, Please check #34, #35 and #36
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    fabil11 years ago
    Dear Sir,
    Please check #40 and #39
    i m sure you will love it :)

    waiting for your hearing
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    mommysmarket11 years ago
    Thank you designers! You are all amazing. I realized I am really picky about the design of the pig. I look the style of the pig in the picture above. I also like the idea of having a pig and handprints somehow. This is hard to do without making it look too busy!
    I appreciate you all, thank you for your time!
  • Design #44 by Ffabil is declared WINNER!11 years ago
  • Client Review for Ffabil11 years ago
    5 Stars
    Fabil had the best idea of what we wanted from the start. Fabil was great with working with what we wanted to create the perfect logo! Would highly recommend this designer! Fabil had endless patience with us! Thank you, job well done!