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Fine Art Photography Weddings Primarily Weddings, engagements, families, babies and maternity.
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    j and co photography.com
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    Fine Art Photography Weddings Primarily Weddings, engagements, families, babies and maternity.
    We are looking for a look of "Elegance"with a trendy side too. We also want the logo to have an image that we can watermark on photos. Love to incorporate a butterfly maybe. Please make a HORIZONTAL design not vertical. Thanks
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    Admin11 years ago
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    cashromeo11 years ago
    Please remove the image .Because that's my unwin entry.It's hidden and maybe it has new useful way.
    So remove it,Plaese.Thank you!
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    cashromeo11 years ago
    New revised design.
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    logomania11 years ago
    cookman..your submissions are awesome!:)
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    cookman11 years ago
    thanks :)
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    wisdio11 years ago
    Hi lj.creative, I will complete this project as soon as possible!
  • lj.creative11 years ago
    ur the man wisdio.. wish all the best :-)
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    wisdio11 years ago
    Thank you lj creative you are a great too :)
  • MbokSum11 years ago
    uhuu , nice logo wisdio !! never imagined!
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    wisdio11 years ago
    Thank you Mbok Sum :)
  • Design #103 by Wwisdio is declared WINNER!11 years ago
  • Client Review for Wwisdio11 years ago
    5 Stars
    Wisdio was the BEST! We found wisdio to be extremely creative and thoroughly attentive to our requested changes in layout and design. We would without hesitation give wisdio the highest recommendation as a definite designer to invite to any logo project. One last thing is you will not find a better customer service experience... anywhere!!!

    In Gratitude,

    J&CO Photography