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I am looking for something NEW, FRESH, IN STYLE, and a logo that would look recognizable on a shirt or apparel to instantly know that it is my brand. Please be creative. I want something no one else has. We design, make and sell FULL CUSTOM driFIT sports apparel. Everything from Baseball gloves to golf shirts. We do a lot of softball, baseball, and football uniforms for both youth and adult. <br><br>Our mission is to continue to enthusiastically develop unique products so that we may continue to set ourselves apart from the competition. We strive to provide the best quality products available on the market with the fastest turn around time in the business. <br><br>CEO Brian Miles, had a vision for a company that could rival the best of the best when it came to sporting goods and apparel. Choosing to pay more for better fabrics and material rather than trying to maximize his profit with lesser quality. He also made turn around times his utmost priority. He was once quoted saying "To be good isn't good enough. I want to be great!" With his military background and attention to detail he has built this company from the ground up using a "grass roots" marketing strategy that has Gorilla Gear accomplishing things even he didn't originally imagine. <br><br>NFL Hall of Famer (Class of 1998) Mike Singletary is Gorilla Gear's first officially endorsed athlete/coach. It was becasue of Mr. Singletary's character, faith, and dedication to be great in all that he did which drew the eye of CEO Brian Miles when the two of them crossed paths one night that they ended up sharing a plane ride. When asked if there could be anyone better to represent what his company stood for than Mike Singletary, Mr. Miles quickly said "Mr. Singletary is a person I strive to be like. I can only hope that one day someone will look at me the way most others that know him and myself, look at him."<br><br> <br><br>"Sports do not build character... They reveal it." - John Wooden
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