Higgins Architecture

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Architecture and design services
  • Design Brief6 years ago
    Logo Name
    Higgins Architecture
    Company Intro
    Architecture and design services
    looking for a simple, clean, minimalistic style

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  • Design Concepts Completed6 years ago
  • J
    jenn.p.higgins6 years ago
    Hi all, thanks for all the great ideas/work.. after looking at these.. I would like to see something more softer with a feminine tone (without making it pink) as it is a female-owned business. I'm just not sure how to do this... thanks in advance.
  • J
    jenn.p.higgins6 years ago
    How about using more organic/soft fonts help make it more feminine? maybe a bit more script? like the attached inspirations.... thanks
  • J
    jenn.p.higgins6 years ago
    Thank you all for your submittals, I don't think the script fonts are working as well as I thought they would.. I'm leaning back on the more soft, simple, clean fonts. Thanks
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