Squeaky Clean Window Cleaning Services

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Window Cleaning Company
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    Logo Name
    Squeaky Clean Window Cleaning Services
    Company Intro
    Window Cleaning Company
    We have a old logo attached to project here. You will use this logo as basis for the NEW logo. <br><br>Things we like about our current logo attached: <br><br>-Smile on mouse <br><br>- We need a new Hip bright colored mouse. <br><br>-He is in action (Like a running mouse) - the action could change<br><br>-Open to ideas with tail, remember we need to print it on big vans, and we would prefer a simple easy to print tail. The owner thinks it looks like a rat tail, and it is a mouse. You help us out. Give us a good tail. <br><br>Thoughts of final changes<br>We envision him using the squeegee on a window stroke going towards the right on the current direction. When the stroke is clear it is opening a scenic clean view out to something nice; like looking through a clean window. Remember it must be simple, people need to look from 20 feet away and understand on a side of a van what this mouse is doing and what our job is "window cleaning business". Imagine a window extending to the right of the current placement of the squeegee connected to the mouse.<br><br>We 100% need to keep the mouse holding the tool called a squeegee<br><br>We love the font, and we dont know the name of it. So please try to use the same font and we like the double trace letters. <br><br>We are creating a Franchise for window cleaning and we need the logo to be for our new franchisees. So that in mind, its a new brand look and feel. We currently use this logo. <br><br>New words for logo (important, the logo has words but we want you to use these words.<br><br>------- words for logo in this order ---------<br> Squeaky Clean<br>Window Cleaning Services<br>----------------------------------------<br><br>Notes on Front for logo: change the font for "Window Cleaning Services" to whatever looks best. REMEMBER - Font for "Squeaky Clean" as close to the orginal as possible. <br>

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    #11 is the one I like. Thanks to everyone who helped.

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    The designer did a great job , and followed instructions very well.