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This is my fantasy football team that I'm taking from worst to first.
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    This is my fantasy football team that I'm taking from worst to first.
    Obviously, this name deals with alcohol, and the aftermath. My first few seasons were horrible, and we've turned that around with research and effort like no other team will understand. I'd love to somehow obscurely include my love for the Green Bay Packers.
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  • firebird12 years ago
    plz see #17..
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    sigtauduff12 years ago
    #10, 14, 6, and 20 have the right idea. i'm putting this on a helmet, so i'd like it to be something uniform...not too spread out or separated.
  • firebird12 years ago
    plz see # 25.. do want me to incorporate a motion in "o" to symbolize football ? plz convey..
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    Hungrywolf1412 years ago
    please check my entries 60, 61, 63, 64
  • firebird12 years ago
    plz see my new and revised entry #69.. further changes are welcome.
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    logomania12 years ago
    please check our new entries with comment s please.
  • firebird12 years ago
    any changes sir? plz convey.. open to revisions..
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    logomania12 years ago
    sgt. trigger..
    awesome job!
  • Ganyu12 years ago
    @sgt congratz tol. :D