First Class Transportation

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This business is a limo service. We offer town cars to stretch SUV limos.
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    Logo Name
    First Class Transportation
    Company Intro
    This business is a limo service. We offer town cars to stretch SUV limos.
    I would like the logo to appear luxurious, professional, and classy. I am open to using "First" or "1st". Silver, white, black, and/or gold are the colors that first come to mind but will look at other options. The logo should be be appealing small (on a business card or shirt) and large (the side of a vehicle).
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    evilbeat13 years ago
    cup... semangatmen kw saiki submit logone...

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    ChristineK13 years ago
    Rankings are not showing correctly. #1, #18, #23, and #27 are current top choices.
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    Vinner13 years ago
    please check no 36 & 33.. thanks
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    Vinner13 years ago
    check 44,43,42,41... hope you like it....
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    misterbadz13 years ago
    hi please check #35. Thanks
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    nice Artgaya!