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DESCRIPTION: We are a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) clan and we play competitively in the gaming scene. Our team (as all other clans) consist of 5 players with specific roles. Regardless, I will attach some of our logo ideas, as well as our old logo. I am not happy with our current logo and I definitely need to get something with more of a wow-factor. We are a brand new gaming organisation, we don't even have a website yet or anything else, so this contest is what will make us unique and stand out from the crowd. Please keep this in mind when creating your designs. IDEAS: For logo ideas please have a look at any top tier Counter-Strike clans worldwide such as SK-Gaming, Fnatic, WesternWolves, Titan, iBUYPOWER, Ninjas in Pyjamas, NoA, Pandemic, Complexity, etc (just google their logos) I would like to see something playing along the idea of the two main letters (Z and E) - this can be designed in such a way to resemble an icon (that we can use without having the Zero Effect wording) - See attached examples. Another idea is to use the word components "Zero" and Effect" and bring them together seamlessly - such as the "Rough Water" logo attached. Just "WoW" me! If you have your own ideas/colors schemes/layouts, feel free to pitch them, you never know I may really like it, so let that creativity fly! :) COLORS: I would like to incorporate the following colors in the new design although I am not that phased with colors, do whatever your creativity tells you: Orange, Black/Dark Greys (if necessary also an alternate Whites instead of Black option for contrasting) SHAPES/SIZES: There are no limitations to any shapes, sizes or correlations. You may use emblems, badges, symbols, actual objects, or anything you wish to depict our brand.
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