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We are going to be launching a product called "LabShark" very soon and we would like to solicit some logo designs for the same! Lab Shark is a packet modification tool, with a customer base of network engineers across the world. We are a startup still with lots of learning ahead of us and we are looking to launch very soon with a fun yet geeky logo representing our product. For some ideas , you can refer to https://www.wireshark.org/ and https://www.wizshark.net/. Most of them seem to be using the "Shark fin" as a key component in the logo design, but you aren't restricted to that! I am not a designer, but I sometimes think the logo could be a creative representation of a shark fin along with a shark taking a bite out of a packet. Please feel free to give this logo design your own spin and I would love to see your ideas! Please feel free to contact me for any more info about the product. I am looking for 2 versions of the same logo - 1 with just the logo image to be used as an icon and the other with the logo and the wordings "LabShark" with it. Cheers, Vybhav EDIT: Designers, just a random thought! To give you more ideas, I was thinking of a logo having a smiling shark baring all it's teeth with nerdy glasses and lab coat/t-shirt (indicating it works in a lab). I would love to see your versions of this or any other ideas that you have!
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