Phone Doctors of South Georgia LLC.

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9 years ago
We are a cell phone and gadget repair shop located in South Georgia.
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    Logo Name
    Phone Doctors of South Georgia LLC.
    Company Intro
    We are a cell phone and gadget repair shop located in South Georgia.
    FONT: I do not have any specific font in mind. I want something easy to read but I do not want it to look like it was typed in word pad with basic fonts. I want it to look professional. STYLE: I am not looking for any specific style so to speak. I will know it when I see it though. I want something classy and professional, I do not want something gaudy. This logo will be used on tshirts, business cards, letter heads, signs, and even outfits/scrubs that the workers will be wearing. Knowing this I want a logo that has the ability to be a web logo and and offline logo. You can use gradients at your own discretion although I am not a big fan of gradients, so if I was to use gradients any where in this logo it would be on the stethoscope, but that is not required and I might not even like it. Use your best judgement as a designer. WHAT I AM IMAGINING FOR THE LOGO: This is what I see when I picture the logo. I want the logo to be bright and attention grabbing yet I do not want it gaudy. Simple and Stylish Text would be great, and then I am leaning toward a illustration. I am think a very cool play on words and equipment here would be to have a Traditional Doctors Stethoscope in the logo somehow, with one minor twist...instead of the Chest Piece on the end, I think it would be very cool to have a iPhone lightning cable end on the end of it. See the attached picture for references.
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    blcorrell9 years ago
    The pink stethoscope just happened to be what we found to make a sample I do not want pink.
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    Admin9 years ago
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    blcorrell9 years ago
    Great Designs so far but I still want to see more, and feel free to try something different. The example was a sample of what we imagined, if you have something better for different feel free to try it. As long as its nice and professional you have got a chance at winning. Thanks and keep them coming.
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    blcorrell9 years ago
    Another interesting idea that was brought to my attention was that instead of making the end of the stethescope a iphone lightning port, actually have a mobile phone like an iphone out line or an illustration incorporated into the logo with the stethescope taking its pulse or giving it a check up. We really are open to you using your imagination... I look forward to more designs and will even award some participation awards for a few designers that do not win.
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    Hi pls check #11
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    Hi blcorrell,

    Please check #25 & #26. Thanks!
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