Emily Archbald Photography

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8 years ago
I am a wedding/ maternity/ newborn (baby) photograph
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    Emily Archbald Photography
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    I am a wedding/ maternity/ newborn (baby) photograph
    Hello I would like a brand that is simple yet recognisable. The logo can either be recognisable due to an image or have NO image but a strong font. 1- The image can be above the name or surround the writing. I DONT want any images related to photography (i.e cameras/lens/tripods etc). I also DONT want anything too girly/fluffy like birds/trees/flowers/hearts. Abstract may be better 2-Font. If the font was the main attraction i potentially like soft/flowy/classic fonts. I don't want the design to be too busy I can't wait to see what you come up with, THANK YOU
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    emilyarchbald8 years ago
    Please find an example of the font that i like
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    emilyarchbald8 years ago
    A different font
  • acasia8 years ago
    please ignore #114, file sent again due to bad connection
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    Very quick and efficient. Thanks