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I sell top quality bridal bouquets for weddings. The primary focus is on renting but purchase is an option.
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    Something Borrowed Floral Designs
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    I sell top quality bridal bouquets for weddings. The primary focus is on renting but purchase is an option.
    While the submissions I have received so far have been wonderful, I don't feel that the designs are for the target market of young brides. I want to look modern and trendy, yet still elegant and romantic. I am very open to a wide variety of colors and styles. Thank you in advance!
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    srippey10 years ago
    After viewing some really fantastic designs, I think that I want to add a little note. Some of the designs seem to be getting off track that I sell wedding bouquets. This needs to look like a wedding business. Maybe someone could even do a design with a bouquet? I can't wait to see your designs! :-) THANK YOU!!
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    srippey10 years ago
    In the final 2 days of this contest, I would really like to see something that is young and modern, catering to the 20-30 year old bride. I've received some stunning and highly professional logo designs but I still do not feel like I've found the perfect one. Forget my colors and just do something you feel is young yet classy. Thanks everyone who is working on this! I appreciate it very much.
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