Valor Water Analytics

A smart water company providing data analytics to water utilities.
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    Valor Water Analytics
    Company Intro
    A smart water company providing data analytics to water utilities.
    A sleek modern design; no use of water drops (overdone in my field!); a design geared toward informatics / analytics but with water thrown in. Separate picture from text (like the one below). thank you!
  • Design Concepts Completed8 years ago
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    Admin8 years ago
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    chrisb1088 years ago
    thank you for the designs, but the exact use of waves and the blue / green combo is TOO close to the example above, water smart is my competitor and Valor needs to stand out as UNIQUE.
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    chrisb1088 years ago
    A preferred color combination is blue and grey, on a white background. thank you.
  • abss8 years ago
    Hi chrisb108,
    Please see entry #63 to #65. Thanks!
  • K
    KavinduInfo8 years ago
    see #95, #96, #97

  • Design #108 by gipanuhotko is declared WINNER!8 years ago
  • Client Review for gipanuhotko8 years ago
    5 Stars
    thank you.