Pit Row Bar and Casino

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10 years ago
Nightclub and Casino Located on a Nascar Dirt Track in Jefferson, South Dakota
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    Logo Name
    Pit Row Bar and Casino
    Company Intro
    Nightclub and Casino Located on a Nascar Dirt Track in Jefferson, South Dakota
    I have used you all before and have great confidence in all your ability to come up with a great design
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    logomania14 years ago
    thank you for invitation
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    vkavana14 years ago
    You guys are just fabulous, I am more amazed everytime I use this service. You are all brilliant
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    2880minutes14 years ago
    please check my revisions, entry #22 and #23 regarding in your request. i hope you like it. thanks!
  • Thyrael Bay14 years ago
    vkavana, see #24... I got what you mean.
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    2880minutes14 years ago
    hello there. please check my entry #28. i made some changes that may cater both bar & casino. i hope you like that one! thanks!
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    logomania14 years ago
    i have added a couple of variations to my entries as #36 and #37...please let me know if i can adjust again. thanks!
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    logomania14 years ago
    please know that i will be happy to make any revisions to my design if requested.
    OPT sitdown.jpg
  • labo14 years ago

    nice design dude!!..very creative..i think you got it!!
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    vkavana13 years ago
    Sorry you all for the long delay, we had some issues with the state of south Dakota. Thanks everyone for you hard work, you are all brilliant.
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    #36 by Llogomania