Maryam Roz Photography

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9 years ago
Engagement, Wedding, Maternity and Baby/Kids Photography.
  • Design Brief9 years ago
    Logo Name
    Maryam Roz Photography
    Company Intro
    Engagement, Wedding, Maternity and Baby/Kids Photography.
    I would like something Classy, Chic but sort of whimsical and playful also. I want a font that looks more like calligraphy/free hand. NO SYMBOL.
  • Design Concepts Completed9 years ago
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    maryamroz669 years ago
    girly... it looks too much like this logo. So it seems like its not original.
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    maryamroz669 years ago
    Girly, can you make it more like this? Thanks
  • FirmanGibran9 years ago
    can i use ur attachmen file...?
  • FirmanGibran9 years ago
    #52 plz check
    thanks before...........
  • Design #71 by Girly is declared WINNER!9 years ago
  • Client Review for Girly9 years ago
    5 Stars
    Girly worked very hard on my logo, was very responsive and very quick in understanding a creating a logo that suited what I wanted. Will Definitely recommend Girly to anyone needing a logo. Excellent Job.