Engage Nightlife

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9 years ago
Nightclub marketing, social media, promotions, and consulting
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    Engage Nightlife
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    Nightclub marketing, social media, promotions, and consulting
    I would like something modern, sleek, and clean. I like tech and web company logos. Some of the ideas I have for graphics are "music levels", "turntables" "spotlight or club lights" "lasers" "mixing board" (No discoballs or martini glasses). Maybe play on the social media aspect of "engaging" or "connecting". Or can be something abstract like a flame. I don't want it too corporate but at the same time not too playful and cartoonish. I like the colors above but also like dark and light blue. These are just ideas, I'm really open to your creativity.
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    EngageNightlife9 years ago
    I wanted to point out that I am open to different color combos. However, I'm partial to green/blue and light/dark blue. It will come down to overall design though.
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    EngageNightlife9 years ago
    Thank you to everyone that submitted. I appreciate your time.
  • Design #31 by gipanuhotko is declared WINNER!9 years ago
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    5 Stars
    We are so pleased with our design. The designer is very talented and was very patient with our changes. If we need additional design projects, Gipanhotko will be the first we ask. Thank you so much!!!