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10 years ago
Please visit my site at We are an exclusive buyer agency, which is a real estate company that only works with buyers. Basically, we keep home buyers from getting ripped off. I've been in business 17 years and my tag line is 'don't let them make a monkey out of you'. Instead of using a picture of myself like most realtors use, I use a picture of monkey. It's tongue in cheek but needs to look professional. I can't use the pictures of the monkeys that are on my site on business cards and stationary, so I need something that will look good on my existing site and on cards. UPDATE: I think I'm going to let go of the 'monkey in the house' idea. It's a little too cutely. I uploaded a monkey icon that I think would look good; the color can be changed. I'd really love to see the logo with a really interesting font. Also, no need to keep all the text horizontal but it's fine if it ends up that way.
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