La Victoriana

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Dairy product line. Grocery product line. Latin market.
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    Logo Name
    La Victoriana
    Company Intro
    Dairy product line. Grocery product line. Latin market.
    Hello. Hope you’re having a great day. Name for logo is La Victoriana. This is for a dairy and grocery line. Please look at hand drawn image for the concept. The logo itself will be circular. The name La Victoriana will be located above the logo. The letters will be the same as the font shown in the picture. Please make sure the L and V are identical as the picture. The center of the logo is the picture of the baby girl in the same style as the as the picture with the boy and girl. The bottom of the logo will have flowers located on the bottom on the image. The horizontal extended line designs could have flowers on a curve or flowers on a straight line. The flowers should be similar colors and style as the shown on her shirt or bow.
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